What types of cryptoassets do you have and why?

Please correct me if I'm wrong.

What are cryptoassets?
First, they are digital but not physic;
Second, they are backed by real assets in the physic world;
Third, they are encrypted via cryptographic on public ledgers and can be transferred peer to peer freely without a middleman.

There are many types of cryptoassets, such as cryptocurrency, security tokens, utility coin, stablecoins and other more are different types of cryptoassets, which still keep growing.

Besides, cryptoassets have different features, such as a store of value, a medium of exchange, raise funds and so on, borders are quite fuzzy.

Bitcoin is a typical example of cryptocurrency, that is originally designed for a medium of exchange, which can be found from its whitepaper with the name “peer to peer electronic cash system”. it turns to be a store of value cryptoasset to be compared with the physic asset gold, so-called digital gold. People would like to hold bitcoin for the long term because people believe its valuable.

What are yours? Why?

Bitcoin is backed by real assets in the physic world?

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