What is the narrative that we can shill followed by the wave of move chain?

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As you can see ,now it is move lang season
Though Nervos is POW chain with UTXO model instead of POS with account model, there are some stuffs that deserve to represent in front of public. For example, Aptos and Sui emphasis that they are resource-oriented blockchain . Yeah that is the narrative that we have ever heard from the implementation of Nervos UDT token(first class of asset as well).

And there are even some other stuffs like the explosion of state that they have not discussed.
Well,derserve to have some piece or discussion with such CXO of those Move chain. It must be interested and got some eyeballs for Nervos and ecosystem.

Of course if there are some live demo which can demonstrate the advantage we claim and users also can try on their end after seeing your media post or after hearing your talk, it would be more amazing and got more convinced.

oh some fancy topic like parallel computing is also the objective that you guys can share more detail in front of public.
Here I also share an impressive post that compared the sth,solana and Aptos :slight_smile: The Anti-Ape | Substack

such kinds of content can be reused and reproduced very easily as long as someone release the first one.

yeah somehow maybe such similar points are resulted from the Rust lang
there can be a place for such discussion.