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Here is the Nervos talk, where the Nervos community has discussions. Topics can cover business models, economic models, Nervos-related products and blockchain technologies and applications. We hope that you can get more understanding on Nervos / blockchain / cryptoeconomics, get new ideas, meet new friends, and maybe land new projects :slight_smile:

This is an impetuous era, we are in an impetuous industry, but in-depth discussion and research needs a quiet room, a time of their own, a cup of hot green tea, and a heart that is not impetuous. If you want to speed, you can’t reach it. We chose the forum as a classical Internet communication tool, hoping to slowly create some precipitation.

This is a bilingual forum, we recommend posting and discussing in the corresponding partitions in Chinese and English.

Copyright and confidentiality

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Official website: https://www.nervos.org
Documentation website: https://docs.nervos.org
Telegram: https://t.me/NervosNetwork
We also have an inviting Nervos Developer Telegram group, please contact us to join the group.