Website update ideas

Morning team,

Based on talks I am constantly having with people re Nervos that have never heard about the project + in case you are planning an update on the website at some point, I am sending you a few ideas that I believe make sense and would allow new community members to quickly get a grasp of why Nervos is eligible (and amazing).

  1. Include the 30+ investors - VCs and China Merchant Bank International somewhere on the homepage. This is what brought me to the project in the first place (smart money) + proves it is eligible. With 5000+ coins in the space at the moment, people can’t really dig into any single one of them, so I believe it should be clear why the coin is good and worth considering literally as soon as one hits the homepage (right now it seems to technology focused), which would then probably prompt someone to go into the details.

  2. Include the companies / studios that are developing on Nervos - both grant recipients and other (this is how Tezos have done it: Devs are key to success, so same logic as above - make it clear there are great companies / development studios already working on the protocol.

  3. Make the Nervos DAO mechanism clear on the Homepage, including maybe a real time update of what has been locked so far. It should be made more visible that one can lock his / her token (trend DeFi mechanism) and that a great deal of the other investors have already done that (long term belief in Nervos and again eligibility confirmation).

Hope you don’t mind the above suggestions and that they would be helpful.

Keep up the great work and have a wonderful weekend,



If anyone else has good idea, maybe it would be great to share them here.

I agree with your points @Toma. None of my friends in crypto know of Nervos, although the project is still fairly new to the public.

#1 point I agree with is with making the DAO more clear. I have been interested in Nervos since 2018, but I did not know there was a DAO until the past week. So it’s definitely not clear to potential onlookers that this is even a feature of the project.

If someone asks you, “What is Nervos?” what’s the best response? Right now in my head, it’s a scalable multi-layered public blockchain focusing on DeFi in China, but I’m not sure if that’s correct.