We need to have a verification process for those applying the 'Community Fund/Grant'

Anyone with malicious intention can apply for grant/fund with fake/stolen linkedin profile and photos from the web.

Something like this would be a good evidence that it is a real themselves applying for the fund support.


Another example.

Good point, there obviously needs to be some sort of verification before the funds are handed over, but maybe it’s just the picture of Bill Gates, this seems like a bit of a weird way to do it though.

Nervos has been giving out grants for a long time, so I’m sure they have processes in place for this.

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I thought you said community decides on which funding would be approved? So, community also need to receive enough evidence or proof whether the purpose of fund application is real or not. You are a bit contradictory of what you are saying?

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This is a weird way to do considering people want anonymity. Why not KYC with out specified company?

Do you know what the cost is to use those KYC companies?


I actually don’t, I’m sure it might be a lot. Its a shame JoyID is not ready, it has the potential



There are on-chain implementations that could help with this, community vetting one perhaps?

Just throwing a few examples out there:
Governor Dao
Synaps (Used by Sandbox)

I am not sure if UniPass is something that could be a gate for this idea (Proof of Existence being the gate)


i think community/general reputation is the best for this, privacy is important and no one should be forced to doxx themselves to participate in growing the network

i certainly understand the concern but don’t feel that such a prescriptive process is right