WaterlooDeveloper.com - Nervos Python SDK

Team and Background

WaterlooDeveloper.com is a team of University of Waterloo graduates who have worked at the top tech companies in Silicon Valley including Facebook, Uber and Amazon. Individually, we have a wealth of product and open source knowledge. Together, we have been working with tech companies for the past two years and specialize in web, blockchain and AI. You can view our open source projects at https://github.com/waterloodeveloper

Project and Justification

Currently, Nervos CKB offers SDKs for Javascript, Java, and Ruby. We propose extending this with a Python SDK, due to the large number of blockchain developers that prefer Python.

This includes:

  • Ability to make basic RPC calls to the node (e.g., get_block, send_transaction, get_current_epoch), individually or in batches.
  • Testing user applications using a CKB dummy (timed) or Eaglesong (PoW) node.
  • Tests for the library itself using a CKB dummy node.
  • Full type hints for Python 3.5+.
  • Working examples using the CKB Rylai testnet.
  • Helpers for common operations (e.g., signing/sending transactions).
  • Utilities for working with addresses, transactions, and cryptographic operations (serialize/deserialize, parse, create, sign).

Timeline and Project Duration

This is expected to take between 2-3 weeks