Wallet problem

I loaded the wallet smoothly.
I tried to send money, I can’t send money
loaded block

Is your wallet fully synced? If you have screenshots or an error message please share.

moved this to general discussion.

whole block downloaded, this way I sent the money.
downloading block.

Wallet canceled sending.

Google Chrome wallet is required. very slow this way

wait which wallet are you using?

linux desktop wallet
Do you have a Google Chrome wallet?

there’s some other options, but no chrome wallet as far as i know.

make sure you’ve downloaded the most up to date version… make sure the blocks are fully synced. and if you do send a transaction you can check the explorer to check your tx hash:

ok problem has been solved.
100 blocks

Thank you for the answer.

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I’m spreading the problem again:
Money does not appear in the wallet.
Download all the blocks.


I sent the money about 15 hours ago.