Update on Nervos<>Cardano bridge project

Hello all - There has been a great deal of inquiry about the status of the Cardano<>CKB bridge; as the project manager on the Nervos side, I’d like to provide an update for our community.

Initially, Mousebelt provided a development estimate of 6 weeks, which we shared in the announcement. This was June, so understandably there has been speculation about the status of the project.

In retrospect, sharing a time estimate was a mistake. When the project started we were operating under the assumption that the Force Bridge repo was stable and significant changes weren’t expected. Unfortunately this wasn’t the case, core development was required on Force Bridge and work was paused on the Cardano bridge. Additionally, the development required to implement the Cardano side of the bridge was underestimated.

The Force Bridge repo has stabilized, work has restarted and we have engaged an additional ecosystem partner, Obsidian Systems to ensure the bridge develops in a timely manner going forward.

While a sense of urgency to launch is justified, the work we are doing merits caution, and diligence to get things right. Multiple bridges have been attacked for hundreds of millions of dollars over the last few months.

The enthusiasm and influx of members to this community as a result of our partnership has been inspiring and we can feel that this is just the start of a robust collaboration. With Cardano smart contracts now launched, we know this community is well positioned to lead on the research front.

I’ll stress again the importance of getting things right. I don’t have dates to share but can say that going forward I will share regular, detailed updates outlining the work being done. Any projected dates will be shared through broader Nervos channels when all parties are confident we are ready.

Here is the status I have to share today:

Latest status update from Mousebelt: Nervos Notes - HackMD

Implementation plan from Obsidian Systems:

  1. Implement multi-signature transactions on Cardano to be compatible with the Force Bridge protocol
  2. Implement monitoring on the bridge to detect any activity that pertains to a Nervos UTXO.
  3. Implement multi-signature transactions between Force Bridge operators to ensure coordinated signing of transactions on each respective network.

Overall I can say that our collaborations with the Cardano ecosystem are an incredibly exciting development for the project. Thank you all for your patience and understanding as we travel down this new path, I’ll have another update in 2 weeks.


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大家好-有很多关于 Cardano<>CKB 桥目前的状态的询问;作为 Nervos 这边的项目经理,我想为我们的社区提供一个更新。

最初,Mousebelt提供了一个 6 周的开发预估时称,我们在公告中分享了这个时间线。当时是 6月,所以可以理解的是,人们一直在猜测这个项目的进展情况。

回想起来,分享这个估计时间是一个错误。当项目开始的时候,我们是在假定Force Bridge 仓库是稳定的和不期望重大变化的前提下运作的。不幸的是,情况并非如此,Force Bridge 需要继续进行一些核心的开发工作,而 Cardano 桥的工作也暂停了。此外,桥实现在 Cardano一侧所需的开发工作也被低估了。

庆幸的是,现在 Force Bridge 的仓库已经稳定下来,工作已经重启,我们还聘请了一个另外的生态系统合作伙伴,Obsidian Systems,以确保和 ADA 的跨链桥能够及时向前发展。


由于我们这次的伙伴关系,成员的热情和涌入这个社区是令人兴奋的,我们可以感觉到,这只是这个强力合作的开始。随着 Cardano 智能合约的推出,我们知道这个社区在研究前沿处于领先地位。



Mousebelt 最新的状态更新 :Nervos Notes - HackMD

Obsidian systems 的实现计划:

  • 在Cardano上实现多签名交易,以与Force Bridge协议兼容
  • 实现桥上的监听,以检测属于Nervos UTXO的任何交易活动。
  • 在Force Bridge 操作者之间实现多签名交易,以确保每个网络上交易的协调签名。



Hey are there any update now ?

Update from the Obsidian Systems team (October 12):

Currently, we are in the process of implementing multi-signature transactions on Cardano to be compatible with the Force Bridge protocol. In order to accomplish this we are developing a TypeScript library that will create multisig address of various types, create transactions to spend from those multisig addresses, send raw transaction data of those multisig addresses and receive the response from the sent transaction data.