Unlock token ckb on NEURON WALLET

HELLO … I can’t get my ckb back that has been stacked… In Nervos DAO a message is writting “CKB is ready to be unlocked” … and then i click on the green button " unlock " Nothing happens … MY ckb are always stacked … Do i have to wait several days? i dont get it !

If you are using Neuron and Light Client Mode it is probably due to this bug:

It has already been fixed and we are waiting for the release of the new version of Neuron in the coming days. Therefore you can wait for the new version of Neuron or you can synchronize the entire node, internal node in Settings, since the bug only affects light client mode.

Hi @Fabian

[email protected](Release v0.112.0 · nervosnetwork/neuron · GitHub) has been released and now unlocking nervos dao is supported in light client mode.