Unable to Deposit into Neuron DAO more than default amount (102CKB) to Ledger Nano S Plus while other deposits exist

I am unable to make a deposit into the Nervos DAO under certain circumstances. If there are any other deposits in there, either earning or not, I can only deposit the default amount - 102CKB. Otherwise, when I try I to deposit to my HW wallet, I get “Connected, waiting for confirmation on device…” where it will hang without any message on the Ledger device to confirm.

Now, If I choose the default amount to deposit into the Nervos DAO, 102CKB, I will get a confirmation on my Ledger, every time, - no hang, works well - and I am able to deposit 102CKB fine. *ok wut…

I found this issue for a while now, on several computers, with fresh and current configurations. I am not sure what to do… seems I am only able to deposit the default amount only if there are any other deposits present.

If the deposit list is clear, I can make a full deposit, but not another one, like before, unless its 102CKB.
Strange, right?

Seems I am hitting a limitation of the DAO or the way I have my system setup. Does this sound familiar to anyone?

Neuron Version 0.110.2
CKB Client Version v0.110.0
CKB Light Client Version v0.2.4

Update, so it worked, but I had to keep pressing the buttons on the Ledger device so it would not lock. To deposit 1839840 CKB while a deposit was in there, took me a good 20 minutes of waiting before it gave me a confirmation message on my ledger device. Ok - at least it works, but 20 minutes for a confirmation? mkay fine. Im good with that.

Thank you for your feedback, we will trace this problem until we resolve it. In addition, we are sorry for the bad experience.
I have try deposit ckb with ledger nano s plus, I successfully deposit 2,000 CKB to nervos DAO.

Could you provide more information when depositing more than 102CKB failed? Would it be convenient for you to provide the error log? You can download the debug information by clicking Help -> Export Debug Information. If it’s not convenient, we can create a private channel on Discord to deal with it. Magickbase is our Discord channel.