Transaction stuck on pending in the blockchain

Dear Friends,

I made transaction from bittrex to kucoin, it went to blockchain but sruck on pending 1 day.
Who can help me, I can’t find technical support’s email to ask for help.
TxID: 0x4f80fdb2425d76aba3ec455dcbf004b8bbc0d19457911c0e44606d83cb7a7497

The two inputs were already spent.

Transaction is 0xedb8e785b1423df051bc0e8436ddfd10829aef65ba1758997a4a02e408ab3d59.

Thank you for your reply.
So what I have to do. I sent it from bittrex to Kucoin and didn’t get.

Bittrex would have to correct this, they did not successfully send out your funds in this case