Token Economics Whitepaper?


Hi i just start to learn about this project and have no idea why this has been under my radar.
But is there any news on when the Token Economics Whitepaper will be released?

Im on the edge on my seat to participate in the token Generation Event :wink:

Nervos 双周报#4:经济白皮书的发件小哥正在路上

Haha welcome DIIIIgaf, we will have a test net soon(maybe this April).
We are working on our economics WP and it will be released ASAP. And maybe days later we will publish an article to discuss about this, hope you will give some comment about that.

Btw how do you know our project? I’m curious about that.:slight_smile:


Token economics paper is on the way. We’ve settled down the principle design last week (after so many debates and discussions, finally!) and Kevin is working very hard on the document.


Hey, please check out this one written by Kevin, it would be a good reading before the token economic paper :slight_smile: