Time to Sync is too long

Encourage the development team to improve the lag in time to sync on Neuron wallet. Have been waiting 2+ days, again, and it still not fully sync with a new store of tokens. Yes, I have a fresh install, current version, and the speed up block data file included.

Seeing history of others posting about this issue. It will make token growth difficult if it stays this way.

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appreciate you sharing this issue. Substantial work has been done to improve sync, soon enough we will have light clients that can get over this burden of initial sync for trustless operation.

You might want to try a wallet like imToken, ABCWallet or ckb.pw if you are frustrated by the sync process

Could you please share your Neuron debug infomation? Menu -> Help -> Export Debug Infomation

If I use ckb.pw with Metamask… is it possible to sync that Metamask / Etherium account with Neuron wallet? Or would I have to create a new Neuron wallet, settle and transfer the ckb? It would seem odd to have to do that, as ultimately it’s on the same blockchain.