Time to new marketing for community

Hello all.

Each month we can see new quiz with similar tasks.
Is this all your marketing can come up with?
We are on the blockchain. Add fantasy, please

Make this more better for community and users.
If you want to do something in a boring format, go in and click, combine it with game elements

The new option for more active marketing

It consists in creating a separate section on the site for the following tasks and a plan for this.


  1. Make a section on the site to participate in a new activity
  2. Add some tasks from (Common Knowledge Booster) to join this activity.
    Like this Follow Twitter/Discord/Telegram
  3. Make daily random tasks (Visit Facebook, Website(may be Nervos or Golden Legend or other partners). In future this may be like or retweets some news.
  4. For each entry in 1 day – give 1 NERVTT (if you click a special button for this on site), for each task also.
  5. Make leaderboard (TOP100 users with a lot of tickets)
  6. Make opportunity in this portal look activity in Twitters(as this work in Discord), that administrators can reward more active users in Tweeter.
  7. In future (may be make BOT for telegram for reward active people, for help other people, for some activity and etc


Future rewards: rare NFT/simple NFT, may be some CKB, ENERGY on portal Golden Legend, official merch, may be DAS address on choice

What will still be on this site? Auctions for similar rewards in 1 week(or month)
People who will be holders of these tickets and which can get in TOP100(or another as TOP10), will get some prizes in a certain period.
Lottery in the form of red envelopes


This can diversify the process, increase social activity in networks, and add game elements.
Because what I see, it’s all marketing quizzes and all. Need something another and in future, you can add more tasks, another rewards.
I understand that this is a more ambitious tasks. And you will need protection from bots and unnecessary accounts. But if you implement such activity it will be powerful.

What you think friends?
Lets make Nervos great again, but now in marketing


hello, it sounds like you have some great ideas!

This is exactly why we’ve developed the Trailblazer program, to empower community members who are motivated by the potential of Nervos.

Looking forward to seeing your motivations put into action!

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Thanks, Matt, but my application was sent still in begin to July.

Also i think that this portal could work on sidechain Nervos with own tokens if we are in world of blockchain.
Plus, it will be possible to integrate simple games for users on this portal.

I think no one from blockchains still have something like this.

Here are my thoughts about our campaigns and marketing approach:

  1. Gif contest was organized and many people participated. We declared some 13 winners (top 3 + 10) (hope I am recollecting it right). around $1000-$2000 was spent.
    Problem: Now that the campaign is over , no one is making Gifs. (only handful of people daily posts about ckb on social media from the community).
    Solution: Reduce the price of top 3 and distribute it more evenly to other participants; like if we give $50 worth of ckb to top 50 contestants instead of giving $2500 to top 3. More people will end up being satisfies after the campaign.

  2. Distribute small amount of ckbs for social media activity (i.e: posting on reddit, tweet, retweet, Medium) . We can have a dashboard where we will rank participants who retweet Nervos’s tweet, write posts on reddit, mentions nervos on social media. and we will give points for the activities. Based on points for each task, there can be a little distribution of ckbs which will be released and will be locked for certain days (that’s my proposal but alterable).

  3. I already organized nft giveaway contest(from Nervos India handle) for Copa america and Euro. Shall we come up with the same with olympic? I need suggestions here.

  4. As vladisav mentioned Das is a very lucrative option for the community. We can organize contest to giveaway an Unique das address(not the expensive ones).

These are the things which will be running within the community. To reach potential new holders,
1)We can organize AMAs with top CEXs of different regions (Like: WazirX of India, Kraken of Korea, eToro Bangladesh, we should reach new regions).
2) Collaboration with crypto influencers from Twitter. ( I remembered there was a collaboration with an youtuber month ago)

That’s for now. I will add more in upcoming weeks. :slight_smile:


The Cardano bridge alone was excellent marketing…the press release introduced me to Nervos, hence I unstaked a lot of ADA and invested a lot of CKB in DAO and bought a CK-BOX miner. All of this happened for me in July.

I thought about buying hundreds of Nervos stickers and advertising around my local community in Florida, which has about 200K people. Physical advertising in communities should also be as important as virtual advertising on social media, etc. Maybe even a billboard on a major highway.

Stickermule.com will produce 200 stickers for 66 USD. I’ll become a trailblazer if Nervos selects me to serve and act on some of my ideas.


I forgot to add that maybe one day…maybe…I’ll develop on Nervos. I’m kind of retired from my software development career (https://www.linkedin.com/in/joshyates/) to become a full time dad (wife died and single father). I spent a day poking around with the CKB Studio, but then backed away temporarily due to consumption of time spent, which would had lead me down a rabbit hole with my obsession of software development.


Vladislav – looping back on this. While a dedicated site for incentivizing participation might take a while to bootstrap. I think there’s ways we can do something like you’re outlining via Gleam, we can mix up the prizes to include NFTs and/or CKB prizes.

I saw a project Speculari was building that’s live on testnet right now for purchasing/selling NFTs via telegram. Perhaps there’s a way to tie all this together in a neat package for the community to exchange nfts or other prizes.