The possibility of cross-chain dex with easy access on Ethereum or Polkadot in 2021

Some buzz reminds me that interoperability 2.0 will not be a fresh idea soon.
And it is very possible that some strong competitors who have earned the reputation and population will work hard on the cross-chain dex.
And the bigger threaten is that they may integrate with each other.

Here I paste some news I heard recently here:

1. Sushiswap roadmap 2021

*Cross-chain AMM enabled by (Rune/Moonbeam)
*Polkadot/Moonbeam should have a live testing version of Sushiswap Q2 on Kusama

Different from the impression of most people in the crypto space, it seems that Sushiswap has evolute into the emotional and productive community-driven AMM project. Especially after the integration with Yearn Ecosystem.

Once they implemented the cross-chain dex, there must be some potential partners here :

  1. Polkadot (mentioned in their roadmap)
  2. Solana (due to SBF )
  3. Bitcoin (If successfully integrated with Rune)
  4. Binance Smart Chain (so does Rune)

Of course, I have no idea about their real situation for their collaboration.

All the information I got is the same as normal guys.

2.More projects also smell something good from the PW-SDK
Not sure just share the same tune or they have ever heard the buzz from Nervos .
There I have at least founded two public chain working hard on enabling Metamask to be accessible on their ecosystem.
1 . Polkadot
Gavin shared the information about the Metamask and other web3 integration in their 2021 roadmap

There even have been some community team demonstrated the UI about that

  1. Near
    Taking the advantage of a similar design with Ethereum.
    Near attempt to use relayer to make user connect the Metamask to enter Near ecosystem.
    Don’t forget their two well-known Amm parters - Balancer and 1inch.