Some questions about token distribution from the genesis block generator

1.In the genesis block generator, did we not publish the address of the foundation? There is an unlocked address with 672 million coins. Is this the address of the foundation?

2.There is a 100 million CKB unlocked on 2020.2.1. What is the purpose of this sum? In our published token distribution article from medium, there wasn’t a matching instructions.

3.In the genesis block generator, the total amount of all tokens is 24.36 billion, plus 8.4 billion burned, which is still 840 million short of 33.6 billion. Will we publish this part of the token distribution later?

genesis block generator:

  1. Foundation’s tokens (2%) are all locked and address in the source code.

  2. These are from the unlocked token part. The token holder voluntarily decided to lock their tokens.

  3. The total amount in Genesis is 33.6 billion (including burned). Please read through the entire source code of GBG.