Shared Liquidity Based on Glia Protocol with Token Governance

Well shared liquidity must be in the right direction in the near future.
The best case of the integration is Yearn lead collaboration with Sushi, and such community-driven DeFi project …etc
Fortunately, projects built on Glia protocol could share the liquidity naturally, but there are some consideration we could discuss openly:

  1. which project could have the access to leverage the liquidity?
  2. Is there any cap for the liquidity grabbing for each project? How to determine the weight of it?

Such issues would be a little like Maker address which asset could be the collateral for Dai and which asset could be uploaded to the Compound chain to lend asset.

A possible solution is making good use of token governance!
If today we could have a sudt token called GLI for the Glia protocol, it could have multiple features for the governance of shared liquidity.

  1. First of all,it could be the native token of Gliaswap which could be rewards for not only Gliaswap LP but also other dApps based on Glia protocol to deal their transaction.

  2. Secondly, who could be a member of the shared liquidity alliance? It could be decided by GLI holders or how much GLI the project staked in the governance contract.

  3. Still, how many percentages of the shared liquidity pool a project could use depends on their contribution or voting from the GLI holders.

  4. Of course, there are more and more issues that could make GLI holders get involved in like the operation team reward and collaboration with other projects, but it seems the stuff we shouldn’t care about in short term.

My idea is rough I admit, so be free to share your thought below.

Ox and 1inch protocol’s API sometimes would be usually leveraged for such AMM or PMM.

It is serious that the remarkable shared liquidity cases are keeping emerging.

If our step got slow,we could find shared liquidity become no longer special but the fundamental feature for DeFi protocol.

Jesus,this analysis of Cream Iron Bank is sharp. Actually some reasonable concern and insight there.

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