Safe Pal Portal Wallet server error code 302 ValidationFailure code 31

Hello, love this tech, love nervos and the community. Long time follower holder acquisition and miner of this coin. Looking to acquire more. Thank you to all of those who are working on this project!

I have a quick question for some one with technical expertise. I am using SafePal and the PortalWallet dapp. I recently tried to move some coins from the dau to another ckb wallet address. Here is the error message I get.

[API] - Error: JSONRPCError: server error {“code”:-302,“message”:"TransactionFailedToVerify: Verification failed Script(TransactionScriptError {source: Inputs{0}.Lock, cause: ValidationFailure: see error code -31 on page
hash/ wallet address
})“x"data”:Verification(Error { kind: Script, inner:TransactionScriptError { source: Inputs{0}. Lock,
cause: ValidationFailure: see error code -31 on page
hash/ wallet address

Do you have at least 62 CKB outside of the DAO in your wallet? That is needed to destroy the cell.
Also if your using Brave or Edge as your browser that can also be an issue as it gives trouble to portal wallet. Chrome is recommended

Yes I have lots of extra ckb above 62. The amount iam trying to move is separate plenty left there sitting. Iam using the app, and the default browser on the phone is safari. Some one on another forum said Portal wallet has problems with everything except meta mask. Iam considering trying to use that. Any other ideas?

Also I tried downloading chrome set it as a default browser and it still didnt work.

I haven’t ever attempted it with safepal, I’ve used PW with metamask and IMtoken and they both work fine.

So for anyone who may read this in the future. Safepal dapp portal wallet, must not be supported any more as it doesnt work to send coins out. What I did to fix this problem, was transfer the account to metamask. Export private key>>> choose Ethereum>>> paste that into metamask import account. That gets the account over to Metamask. Then from there you need to open to open the dao in metamask. Connect and import wallet and it works fine.

For any devs that may be on here, consider getting safepal to work again. Thanks everyone hope this helps anyone going forward. Have a great day.

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Can you import your eth account to other wallets(ImToken, OKX) and try again?

I just transferred CKB(Nervos L1) to the Neuron wallet, received, it works fine.

so, could you please check:

  1. Which wallet is transferred to?
  2. SafePal supports CKB (Godwoken) and CKB (Nervos L1), which one do you choose for transfer?
  3. Have you made continuous transfers before the last transaction was confirmed?
  4. Have you tried trying again later?