Round 3 of our Mining Competition has ended! Eaglesong is here!

Round 3 of our Mining Competition has ended!

With the third round of the Nervos CKB mining competition completed, we want to express our sincere gratitude to the community, and all that participated.

During the competition we have released GPU miner, and with the highest hashrate of 61 milliom gps and difficulty of we can image how many GPU are running in the competition. (by the way our GPU miner is still a rough version with occasional bugs, so thanks for your patience).

Not only did this third round help us further stress test the network and provide valuable data and insights, but also we’ve found a serious in v0.18.0 which might cause nodes to stick in an invalid fork while the the rest of the network produces a better chain. And the bug was fixed in v0.18.1.

Something you should know before looking for the final results : CKB token rewards will not have a lock-up time. Tokens will be sent to the corresponding mainnet address as soon as our mainnet is live.

And here’s the results:

The community pool rewards

Totally 3,000,000 CKB main net token. All addresses that have mined at least 3,000 CKB testnet token will share this reward pool and receive CKB rewards in proportion with the block rewards produced by each address.

Check your reward here:

The lucky block rewards

3,000,000 CKB in total, 80 winners each get 37,500 CKB main net token.

Check your reward here:

Details can also be seen via our community member’s ranking website, built by @louzhixian: (

*Our next testnet version (v0.19.0, will be released in 24th Aug), will have Eaglesong ( implementation, which is our pow hash function. *We will release a GPU miner later. So if you are interested please check the RFC ( and welcome to have a try in our testnet.

Please note:

  • Always keep your private key safe (the file named privkey). Your private key is the only way to get your tokens after mainnet is launched.
  • Mainnet addresses will be different from testnet addresses, but you can use command lines to look for your mainnet address using your privkey.

Round 4

We are now preparing, and looking forward to the next round of the competition, which will start on the 7th Sept. Details of the 4rd round competition will be released shortly and more tokens will be available to be won!

We would like to remind our community that the proof-of-work testnet is still a “wild-west” with all sorts of craziness — being of course very different from how CKB and other mainnets like Bitcoin operate. These unexpected dynamics that sometimes can not be predicted theoretically, is exactly what the testnet is for.

Buckle up and hang onto your hats for the next round!

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