Quantiex - Decentralized non-custodian cryto asset management solution

Team and background
Our team is good at blockchain. Relevant past experience includes the design and implementation of public chain and tools for chain, contracts for the EVM and for Ink! Rust.

Gieno Miao is CTO of Lightnet Group, and founder of Quantiex. Gieno also worked as partner for several public chain, exchange and crypto wallet projects. Prior to join crypto industry, Gieno was the CTO of JMU(NASDAQ:JMU). In this capacity, he has led the development and operation team worked on supply chain finance & trading system, achieved 27 billion RMB annual revenue. Prior to JMU, Gieno was the co-founder & CEO of crowd-funding platform niutou.com and the CTO of Heima(SZ: 300688). Prior to that, Gieno also worked as Sr. Director of Amazon, Alibaba and Microsoft. Gieno also has rich financial industry experience during the period served Thomson Reuters as Principal Data Model Architect and robot advisor system designer in Wall Street.

Jack Lee is the Ex-CTO of Achain. He is graduated from Tsinghua University.He has 10 years technology research and development experience in the blockchain industry.

James Wang has 10+ years experience as a software engineer, mainly focused on systems and backend engineering. James has many years of leadership and engineering experience in the technology and financial services industry. Before moving into blockchain, James held positions at Thomsonreuters, Cfgdc.Recently, James working on the development of Ethereum and Polkadot related projects, and is committed to decentralized token transactions.

Project and justification
Quantiex is a decentralized non-custodian crypto asset management services that running on smart contracts to provide enterprise level bank/wallet solution.
Quantiex is base on some contracts which will be deployed on Nervos. Quantiex will also support to manage the CKB as a enterprise asset custodian service just like eth and btc.

High level technical specification and implementation


Quantiex includes four parts: Employee App, Manager App, Interface Layer, Signer:

  1. Employee App is an App on cell phone.
    Employee use this App commit the requisition for payment by call the contract deployed on Nervos. Approver use this App to approve the requisition by call the contract deployed on Nervos.

  2. Manager App is an App on cell phone.
    Investor use this app to release the crypto asset(ckb, eth, btc) by call the multi-sig contract deployed on Nervos.

  3. Interface layer
    Interface layer is a backend service, it supply the API for Employee app and Manager App.

  4. Signer
    Signer is a backend service, it signature for the on-chain transaction.

Business flow
Financial approval flow is created and managed through smart contracts

  1. Dynamic to generate financial approval flow smart contracts.
  2. Crypto asset private storage in signature machine.
  3. Smart contract and private key app work with signature machine for transition operation.
  4. Client management dApp operate with smart contracts to use the services.

dApp Access Layer

Client apps that communicate with the access layer use the HTTPS protocol. The private key for employee’s signature is issued through the management app.

  1. The management app generates an employee private key and a corresponding random number for encryption.
  2. The management app encrypts an employee’s private key via symmetric-key algorithm.
  3. The manage app informs the employee of the password offline;
  4. The client App downloads the encrypted data from the access layer and decrypts it with the given password.

Timeline and project duration
We estimate the implementation of this spec will take between 5 and 8 developer weeks.
Now, Quantiex system had supported the eth and btc. There are three checkpoints we can use to track progress:

  1. All EVM Contracts deployed on Nervos - This work need we plant the contracts from Ethereum to Nervos.
  2. Signer - Signer support the ckb transfer.
  3. Interface Layer - We will update the API for supporting the management for CKB.
  4. Apps - Employee App and Manager App will supporting the management for the CKB.

Demo Video
Please refer the following link here for product demo.


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