PW-LOCK - Request for Auditing

Hi everyone,

We are Lay2 team and the maker of After several weeks of Aggron running, we think it’s time to prepare deploying the pw-lock on Lina.

The biggest concern is, of course and always, the security issue. We forked the official system script repo and build pw-lock based on it, and have passed all tests same with the official lock. But there may still be issues that haven’t been covered. So we are posting the repo link here and asking for code auditing from the community and hope to get bug reports or improvement suggestions. This will last for one or two weeks, and then if nothing left to be changed, we will deploy pw-lock on Lina and make p-wallet available at the same time.

Thanks for your time! Let’s make Nervos greater together :mechanical_arm:

pw-lock repo:


Amazing work! When will it be deployed on Lina? Seems 3 weeks have past.

Thanks for your attention!
I’m afraid there will be some more time before a mainnet launch, as we are still under discussion with the foundation about the third-party auditing and the deployment of pw-lock. We are and will be pushing this forward and make p-wallet usable on Lina ASAP.