During 2022 I received a vision in my sleep, In this vision you Mr. Kevin Wang were standing in what looks to be a industrial complex with jade colored metal. As you are standing their you are approached by several Asian women dressed in white dresses. They were very interested in what you were doing regarding your network. As you are standing their you look over into another direction, you said “I don’t know how he knows of me?” The vision ends there, however in this place I see that these women have a curiosity to your semiconductor chip that was out of date. Or not as lightening fast as the others. If this is relevant or has any meaning to you please don’t hesitate to contact me. If this event never occurred please discard this message.

Thank you.




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Precisely correct. That was his reaction when those women spoke to him.

Haha :joy:

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Excellent :rofl:


Theres more…

Heres a sketch of a man I see in my visions from time to time. He mentions Kevin in several of my visions, like a bitter rival. The details I will not disclose due to reasons that are fragile.


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Maybe… Kevin himself.
Being in competition with yourself… the only struggle worth it :smiling_face:


Its an invisible antagonist, until proven otherwise.

How does Kevin know he exists?

Regarding the dream:
Was it day or night?
What was Kevin wearing?

Regarding the sketch:
Does the figure ever change shape or colour shown?

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This Vision displays an indoor setting. The time of day cannot be determined. The vision was so vivid that I cannot mistake the identity being that of Kevin Wang. Also due to the subject matter conveyed by those women in white dresses it was consistent with the crypto spaces abnormalties during the pandemic. There was no doubt who it was. The vision comes across like a vhs spectator capturing this moment. Kevins face is visible only, as if the camera man zoomed in over the shoulder of one these asian women. I can see only the backs of these women as they surrounded him, and then heard this short dialog between them.

My sketches are known for its supernatural effects. Such as the actions you mentioned. A supernatural halogram. And sometimes much more than that. It grabs you really. And it will…