Propose a new POA testnet that maintained and governance by community

Due to the POW mining power is unstable, the Aggron testnet is hanging after huge mining power leaves.

It’s not suitable to apply POW for a testnet due to the lack of miner incentive, and the hanging and reset of the testnet is unfriendly to developers.

To provide a stable and long term testnet for contract development I propose a POA testnet to replace the current Aggron:

  • The block time should be very stable, approximate to 8 seconds.
  • The POA testnet supposed to be a long term running testnet, the validators of the testnet should be maintained and governance by the community.
  • A minority malicious validators can’t halt or censorship on POA testnet.

The link of PR:

Welcome to discuss, reply to the PR or this post if you are interested.