Password incorrect

Have staked on Nervos DAO via Neuron Wallet for a number of years. Upgraded to Neuron version 0.112.0; CKB Light Client Version v0.3.2. Unable to withdraw from Nervos DAO as keep getting message: “Password is incorrect”. Can someone help with this matter?


First, we could try Menu => Tools => Sign/verify message to sign a message with an arbitrary address in the provided list. It requires the password too, so we can check if the password works.

If the password is correct, it should be a bug in Neuron, then we need the debug information of Neuron for further analysis. The debug information can be exported by Menu => Help => Export debug information, and please send it to [email protected] for privacy.


Thank you for your swift reply! I will keep you informed.

Still indicates “Password incorrect” when attempt to sign/verify message.

Advised to go to “Rectify Bugs”, given ticket ID; “Rectify Bugs” indicates my Neuron Wallet on “blacklist” due to inactivity; could provide no further assistance. Can someone please provide additional help?

Have now sent debug information to address you provided. Thank you, Keith.

I found that the neuron team had replied via email, does it help?

Besides, may I ask which “blacklist” are you referring to, we don’t have the concept of “blacklist” because Neuron is a decentralized wallet and its accessibility is not limited.