One-click chain change SDK. Let traditional developers quickly become Dapps through the SDK and join the Nervos ecosystem


DappBirds is the world’s best Dapp platform, which has a full coverage of omni-channel scenarios, from Dapp data analysis to design, chain reform, issuance, operation, cross-chain, and transaction in one platform. Over 20 skull public chains have been docked, and nearly 5,000 DAPPs and 10,000+ smart contracts have been collected. And it can support the development and operation and maintenance of public chain DEX, support the research and development of NFT asset exchange, and can support the creation of NFT assets, application scenarios display, and circulation closed-loop ecological cooperation. Constructed a DeFi Data data area, built a DeFi project community, and regularly pushed popular DeFi data to the industry. It is also the only platform that has been independently developed to access decentralized wallet services and can be directly downloaded in the global AppStore.

(Project and justification)

A set of chain modification SDK will be developed based on the nervos public chain, ckb-sdk-js will be packaged, and the consistent experience of the nervos DApp browser will be maintained. The services we provide include chain reform SDK technical support, contract customization and deployment, token design, etc.

Because when we first developed our own DApp, we found that there was relatively little community information, and there was a certain threshold for chaining. Among them, we found that some functions are universal, abstract these universal functions into modules, thereby reducing the cost of developers, providing them with a simple and safe way to access the Nervos blockchain, this is Our original intention for the chain reform program. The program includes modules such as payment, tokens, dividends, dividend pools, and asset chaining. It also provides a financial-level secure enterprise asset management platform, and the team provides smart contract support. By integrating the SDK, developers can make their games immediately capable of DApp games. Even developers without blockchain experience can easily develop DApp games, and native App games also support access. We have also done a certain amount of work in cross-chain. Currently, we support public chain solutions such as IOST, ONT, EOS, BOS, TRON, ETH, and even teams with certain DApp development capabilities are also docking our solution, because Access to this solution, almost zero cost to migrate to other public chains

(technical specification and implementation)

Functional architecture

Wallet authorization, transfer payment, contract payment, check account balance, check transaction hash and its payment status

(technical architecture)

Developers will dock with js-sdk, and we will assign app_id and app_secret to complete the development of public chain docking in only half a day. In addition, the back end of the game can also call the DAPP Server service (SAAS service based on blockchain) provided by us. Of course, considering the privacy of customers, we also support the privatized deployment of DApp Server.

Interface services

  1. User login/authorization

  2. Unified order interface

  3. Order query interface

  4. Withdrawal interface

  5. User asset clearing is on-chain settlement


We have standardized a set of blockchain currency payment system, through the chain modification SDK, monitoring blockchain transactions, and feedback the correct content for developers, all data interaction is encrypted by RSA.

SDK components

Here will introduce the functional modules of the SDK components::

1、Dapp Wallet Bridge

SDK provides multi-chain wallet plug-in environment detection function, encapsulated as a unified interface, and returns a unified error code, allowing developers to quickly identify the environment and focus on business development. The error code is shown in the figure.

2、Base Module

This module provides message signature functions, Get Address, Get Address Balance, SendTransaction, among which SendTransaction encapsulates the three-step transaction of generateRawTransaction, signTransaction, and sendTransaction. CKB is based on the UTXO model account model, and we are based on the better calling method extracted by Lumos or ckb-sdk-js.


This module is an authorization authentication module, which is the verification of signed messages and account authorization. Currently, there are two authorization methods for the project party. One is to use the current wallet address to authorize and authenticate silently, and the other is to use the message signature mode, such as MetaMask’s SignVerifyMessage Mode, and supports serverless mode, authentication through api.

4、Pay Module

This module is the core payment module. The developer configures the contract address that is the receiving wallet address, first assembles the transaction (transfer transactions between addresses, contract interaction), then signs the transaction, and then broadcasts the transaction. Due to the differences in different public chains, developers The access cost is high, and the transaction can be completed through the SDK integrated sendTransaction, and the method of calling this interface for different public chains will not change.

Backend Plugin 后端 Serverless 插件

This module provides account authentication, off-chain settlement & on-chain synchronization engine, transaction information confirmation, user asset balance settlement function, enterprise-level digital wallet function, etc. Most of the functions are connected via api, and this module will be considered for private deployment in the later stage.

Cooperation case and reference DEMO
We have cooperated with many public chains such as IOST, BOS, Ontology, WaykiChain, EosForce, ThunderCore, NULS, etc., to release the chain reform SDK function, and provide developers with two environments of testnet and mainnet.

Case 1: IOST Reference Document(

Testnet DEMO:

Mainnet DEMO:


This project will take 3 weeks. We expect to launch in August 2020.

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