Omiga Inscription Protocol, Coming Soon on Nervos CKB!

Dear Nervos Community Members,

We’re delighted to announce that Our coummunity will welcome the beta release of its first true inscription protocol - Omiga, at the dawn of the new year!

Introduction to Omiga Inscription Protocol

Omiga is an innovative inscription protocol established on the CKB (Common Knowledge Base) blockchain. We have meticulously designed the project to break from tradition and provide users with a fairer, more efficient inscription minting and management experience. Here are some of the compelling features of Omiga:

  1. PoW + Extended UTXO:
    • CKB continues the spirit of Satoshi Nakamoto, adopting the PoW + Extended UTXO (Cell) architecture, bringing a more flexible, more scalable blockchain experience to users. Built on top of CKB, the Omiga protocol not only enjoys the security of L1 but can also flexibly implement combinatory innovations.
  2. Fairer Mint:
    • We have introduced a completely fair inscription minting mechanism. A fairer mint means that all participants can get a share, and everyone splits the quota at the end. At the same time, we ensure that you only pay fees for the successful transactions, you will no longer pay expensive fees for failed mints.
  3. Native Inscription Mechanism:
    • Omiga provides a completely native inscription mechanism, with inscriptions written on the chain in CKB as the pricing unit. It supports fusion and melting, making the minting and management of tokens more flexible and efficient.
  4. Full On-Chain Verification:
    • Based on the extended UTXO model (Cell), Omiga has achieved full on-chain verification without relying on a centralized indexer, facilitating subsequent integration with other projects in the Nervos ecosystem, such as depositing into Godwoken’s AMM or playing full-chain Defi through Axon.
  5. Turing Completeness:
    • The Omiga protocol supports Turing-complete contracts. The issued inscriptions can have Utility properties and are not just pure Meme tokens.
  6. Fully compatible with xUDT
    • xUDT (Extensible User Defined Token) is an extension based on Simple UDT, which supports defining more features、behaviors and rules on the basis of UDT to meet potential future needs. The inscriptions minted through the Omiga protocol are fully compatible with xUDT.

Beta Release Plan

We are very much looking forward to presenting the initial results of the Omiga inscription protocol to everyone in early January. The release of the beta version will provide us with valuable feedback and suggestions for improvement, enabling Omiga to evolve continuously and serve the Nervos community better.

Participate in Testing and Feedback

We encourage community members to actively participate in the beta version, experience the features of Omiga, and share your feedback. Your opinions are crucial to the development of our project.

Here, we thank everyone for their support of Nervos and Omiga! Let’s work together to build a more open and innovative blockchain ecosystem.

Merry Xmas to all!

Omiga Team.


Good job! :grin:

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Looking forward to discovering your work.

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