[News] Metaforo 已支持那些通过 Portal Wallet 存 Nervos DAO 的用户参与投票

经过 Metaforo 团队的努力,那些通过 Portal Wallet(ckb.pw)存 Nervos DAO 的用户,现在也可以参与提案的投票啦!大家只需用 Portal Wallet 对应的以太坊钱包登录 Metaforo 即可(登陆后请不要绑定 CKB 地址!)。

另外,通过 CKBull 钱包存 Nervos DAO 的用户,也有变通的方法:将 CKBull 钱包的助记词,导入到 Neuron 钱包,然后参照教程绑定地址即可。

Thanks to the Metaforo team, users who deposit their CKB in Nervos DAO via Portal Wallet (ckb.pw) can now vote on proposals! They only need to log in to Metaforo with the corresponding Ethereum wallet (please do not bind the CKB address after logging in).

Moreover, there is a workaround for the CKBull users to vote on Metaforo: import the same seed phrase they use in CKBull into Neuron and then do the same sign messages steps on the tutorial.