New Release: ckb 0.43.2 (db778ec 2021-08-09)

This version is compatible with v0.25.0 and above. However, it is recommended to upgrade the node, since we will only release security patches based on the latest release.

See how to connect to various chains in Wiki.

A lot of bug fixes.


OS Arch Runtime Dependencies Package Sign
macOS x64 macOS 10.12 or above zip PGP
Linux x64 glibc, libstdc++ tarball PGP
CentOS x64 glibc, libstdc++, openssl tarball PGP
Windows* x64 VC++ Redistributable zip PGP
Docker dockerhub
  • Windows support is experimental.

** The binaries require following CPU instructions: call (MODE64), cmovbe (CMOV), xorps (SSE1), movq (SSE2)

The .asc files are signatures. It is wise and more secure to check out for the files integrity.

Changes since v0.43.1

Bug Fixes

This discussion was created from the release ckb 0.43.2 (db778ec 2021-08-09).