Neuron stuck syncing at block 5,188,000

Hi there, hoping someone can help. I’ve reinstalled Neuron onto a new macbook after my last one died. I’ve restored my wallet from the seed phrase, but its stuck syncing at 45.33% - Block 5,188,000, its been stagnant for 6 hours.

I’m attempting to sync the light mainnet. Any advice on how I can get this finished? I’ve already attempted to clear the cache etc…

Thanks in advance.

Is your Neuron version number v0.111.1?

Hi @BigG
You may send debug information to neuron team so we can check why it halted and how to fix it.

The debug information can be exported by Menu => Help => Export debug information
If you don’t mind it being public, you may report it in Neuron’s GitHub at Sign in to GitHub · GitHub
If you mind it, the debug information can be sent to [email protected]

Yes, its the latest one.