Neuron Light Client 100% sync'd but not showing DAO deposits

I had been running a full node but can’t handle the storage space requirements anymore. So I deleted the data, switched to light-client, set a start block well below what i see as my 1st transaction just to be safe (it showed something like around 5,300,000 as my first block and i set it to 4,000,000), it’s fully “Sycned 100%”, i’ve cleared cache, i’ve deleted and re-installed neuron… but my DAO deposits aren’t showing. Also i did have it behind a ledger with the full-node so not sure if thats also part of it?

Update - after a bunch of refreshing and closing/deleting/installing now it’s not fully syncing and is stuck at ‘Syncing 100%’ with the green circle continually spinning, when I look at the Block Synced info, it is not syncing any new blocks and is stuck at 12,482,xxx and not moving up at all, even though the full amount of blocks continues to increase very slowly as new blocks are added…

Have you tried clearing the cache in Neuron, I’ve found that this is the fix for lots of syncing issues.