Nervos support in Paytomat Wallet


Add support for CKB and CKBytes native token to Paytomat Wallet. Paytomat Wallet is a multi-platform multi-currency non-custodial wallet. It supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS, Litecoin, DASH, Tron and other currencies as well as tokens on blockchains supporting tokens.

CKB support will allow an easier access to the blockchain for the many users who have Paytomat Wallet installed. And also a good place to have access to the funds for non-desktop users.


We are a team of 20+ mobile, backend and web developers with long blockchain developer experience. We currently work on Paytomat payment system and Paytomat Wallet as well as other exciting blockchain projects. You can find out more on


  • Allow users to see their Nervos CKB addresses derived from the main seed phrase according to BIP-44 HD wallet standard
  • Receive funds in CKBytes (and in future in custom UDT tokens) and see balance updates
  • Send funds to other CKB users
  • See transaction history for all incoming and outgoing transactions


We will need around a month to finish CKB support to our wallet, so if we start within a week, support should be added until the end of the month.

Future development

Once we have a basic Nervos CKB support added to our wallet there are a couple of features we plan to add in the future with new blockchain releases:

  • Support for UDT tokens with catalogue of existing tokens.
  • Support for user notifications on incoming transactions.
  • Support for issuing own tokens right from the wallet.

I don’t see the significance of this project

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Paytomat Wallet的主要用户受众是哪些国家和地区,市场份额如何?

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For now we have more than 100K Android users and 50K IOS USERS with 25-30K MAU.
Main feature - Payment solution
You can Pay with Nervos using Paytomat at 500+ merchants
How to pay with Paytomat


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For now it’s available at Poland, Estonia, Russia, Ukraine, USA (NY), Korea, Latvia, Lithuania and Brazil.
And we are looking for new regional leaders

很欢迎钱包团队参与CKB的生态建设,我的问题是:目前已经有很多多链钱包支持CKB,如比特派、imToken等,相比它们,Paytomat 有哪些优势(比如团队、技术实力、钱包活跃用户量等),使得能为CKB被更广泛地接受和应用?

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Yixiu said:welcome wallet team to be one part of CKB ecosystem.My question is that right now there are numerous high-profile multi-chain wallets support CKB like I’mToken,Bitpie. Comparing with them, what is your unique advantage (e.g. Team,Technical ability, active users…) to convince Nervos and community that you are able to make CKB adopt by more devs and users?

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We want to not just support Nervos. We are adding support for services that will be available on the NERVOS network. And we will add NERVOS and selected tokens as payment method to PAYTOMAT