Nervos Bi-weekly Report#23: 620 million CKBytes have deposited in Nervos DAO


  • Lina is live

    • Nervos CKB mainnet “Lina” came into existence on November 16. Thank you to the mining pools, Nervos community and Nervos dev team for making this happen. According to the CKB explorer, as of now, we have moved into the 20th Epoch, and everything is going well.

    • At the same time, Nervos CKB has deployed a new testnet—Aggron—to help developers become familiar with building on CKB.

  • Nervos DAO

    • As of now, the number of CKB deposited in Nervos DAO has reached 620 million (about 5% of the initial liquidity). Learn about Nervos DAO.


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I think the title should be “… have been deposited”

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