Nervos Bi-weekly Report#22: Meet Lina


  • The launch of CKB mainnet Lina

    • Nervos has completed security audits from Peckshield and Least Authority. Additional details in this article. At the same time CKB mainnet “Lina” will be released on Nov 16th. This launch will be a completely decentralized, community-driven process.

    • To celebrate the launch of our mainnet “Lina”, we will launch series of community activities on Nervos Talk and Twitter. (Twitter community design challenge coming soon). Check out our first community activity, how to participate, and some of the limited edition Lina swag you can win!

  • Nervos and Huobi

    • Nervos and Huobi jointly develop a high-performance financial public chain that is deeply customized based on open source components such as Muta, CKB-VM, Overlord and nervos-p2p, enriching the landing scene of Nervos Network.


  • CKB v0.24.0 released on Nov 3rd.

  • There’s a new RFC (PR#142)describing deposit and withdrawal transactions in the Nervos DAO.

  • For more details, please check the Development Updates.


  • Mining Competiton

  • Bug Bounty Program Live

  • Nervos Japanese Community

    • Nervos Japanese community has been established. Welcome everyone ! Follow Twitter and join Telegram to get the latest updates.
  • Fork It

    • Fork It #9, Tang Wei(Chinese engineer of Parity) and Xuejie(the core developer of CKB-VM) shared their programming experience in Rust, GO, EHT, etc.
  • Events Recap

    • Nervos in Tokyo


    • Nervos in SFBW

      • Kevin discussed the design of sustainable crypto-economic systems during CESC.

      • On Rust In Blockchain workshop day, Core dev Tannr Allard introduced the programming paradigm and Patterns in Nervos CKB.

    • MinorOS & Nervos CKB

      • Daniel host an online talk organized by minerOS in a large miner community group. Check the content in Chinese from NervosCommunity.
    • Online talk with Layer1 Podcast

      • Nervos CMO Ben discussed core features of Nervos CKB with Layer1 Podcast. Please check the video recap.

Upcoming events

  • Barcelona

  • Online

    • Nov 12-14, Nervos Co-founder Daniel will have AMAs from Soros, Bluefox, and Shenlian.

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