Nervos Bi-weekly Report#18: Nervos in Korea


  • At the beginning of September, Nervos met the Korean community. In Korea, not only delicious food,we saw the enthusiasm and friendliness of the community.

  • Round 4 of Mining Competition has begun, with a total of 9 million CKB rewards.

  • Recently, we made some videos about Nervos. And we’ll have more content forms to learn about Nervos easily and directly.

  • Nervos Network Positioning Paper will be published soon?Will there be some activities? Stay tuned.



  • Mining Competition

    • With Eaglesong’s GPU miner released,there have been 4 mining pools to support CKB testnet mining. Here are some of the mining tutorials:

    • F2Pool & Nervos AMA, Daniel gave answers for the sharp questions from the community.

  • Events Recap

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