Nervos Bi-weekly Report #15:Meet the Eaglesong!


  • We are excited to add imToken to the growing list of wallets including Bitpie, Renrenbit, Cobo Wallet, Hoo wallet, Hashkey Hub and Token pocket that will support CKBytes.

  • It is our pleasure to announce a new hash function for Nervos CKB, which we call Eaglesong.

  • The mining competition round 2 is over. The hash rate hit 46M gps (compared with the peak of 3.5M gps during mining competition phase 1). The average hash rate was about 4.75M (it was about 1M gps for phase 1). For more details, please check here.


  • RFC for the PoW function Eaglesong is published.

  • Max block interval is adjusted to 30s.

  • For more technical details, please check Nervos CKB Development Update.


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