Nervos Bi-weekly Report #14:Have You Heard Those Partnerships with Nervos Lately?


Happy July! Followed by the partnership with Huobi, Nervos also formed the partnerships with Bitpie, Hashkey, and Cobo. In the fourth quarter of Manniet release, they will provide first-class wallet services for CKB holders. For the further updates, please check below.


  • Fixed severe bugs in v0.15.0

  • NervosDAO is implemented via CKB VM now

  • Neuron, the wallet, has released first several alpha versions

  • For more technical details, please check Nervos CKB Development Update.


  • The Mining Competition Area

    • We have launched the second round of mining competition. You can click here to start.
  • Consensus Theme Area

    • Nervos set up the Beyond Consensus theme Meetup in July to discuss the different technologies and consensus protocols with blockchain enthusiasts to explore more possibilities for the blockchain in the future.
  • In Crypto Wednesday No. 25 (In Chinese), Wei Wang, inventor of Bystack BBFT and PhD at Michigan Tech University, discussed architecture, optimization, and performance of Vapor.

  • Meetup Area

    • Nervos in Shanghai

      • On July 7, Toya was invited to a panel discussion “Blockchain Technology Hot Spot Evolution”.
    • Nervos in Beijing

      • On July 14, Daniel had a speech regarding the blockchain virtual machine based on RISC-V.
    • Nervos in Handan

      • On July 6, Duanchao Wu gave a speech regarding the future of PoW smart contract platform.
    • Nervos in Taiwan

      • On July 6, Henry had a keynote address regarding the layer 1 blockchain. Williams showed Taiwanese friends how to mine the blocks on Nervos CKB Testnet.

Nervos Fans

  • Telegram: 6951

  • Twitter: 3173

Random interesting stuff

  • Nervos is hiring! If you are a blockchain development engineer or interested in blockchain research, we would love to hear from you. For the full announcement and to apply, please visit the website.

  • Common Knowledge Bridge program is drawing to a close. We hope that all participants have awarded through our four online lessons.

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