Nervos Bi-weekly Report #12:How Is The Mining Competition Going?

Good news! On June 15, the first round of the mining competition was finally launched. Our community partner created a miner ranking if you would like to know who has mined the most blocks so far.

Except for the mining competition, we also updated our Nervos official website. Please check further details below​:point_down::point_down::point_down:


  • Our technical team is currently in closed development, so the progress of the technical development will be delayed to update.


Nervos Fans

Random interesting stuff

  • We updated our Nervos logo and official website. You can check here (In Chinse) to know what’s the meaning of the new logo.


Upcoming events

  • Beijing

    • On June 21, Duanchao Wu (Community manager in Nervos) will attend ViaBTC event, discussing the PoW and PoS.
  • Shanghai

    • On June 21, Ryan will share the topic of why the infrastructure of blockchain must be PoW in an economic activity.
  • Online

    • On June 20, Toya will have an online disucssion about the ecological system of the blockchain community in China.

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