** Need Help with Neuron Wallet - Missing CKB Tokens

Hi everyone,

I’m encountering an issue with my Neuron wallet and would appreciate some help. Here’s my situation:

I had staked my CKB tokens in my Neuron wallet on my previous computer that dont work anymore. Recently, I switched to a new computer (downloaded the latest version of neuron) and synced my Neuron wallet, but I’m not seeing my staked CKB tokens anymore.

I’ve already tried the following troubleshooting steps:

  1. Ensured that my new computer’s Neuron wallet is fully synced with the blockchain.
  2. Imported my wallet using the recovery phrase, but still no luck.

Despite these efforts, I’m unable to see my CKB balance. Has anyone else encountered a similar issue with the Neuron wallet? Any suggestions on what I can do next to resolve this?

I appreciate any help or guidance you can provide. Thanks in advance!

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Have you synced the Full Node or the Light Node?

If using the Light Node, you need to make sure that you start the sync from a number of blocks before your first transaction on that account.

You can do this by searching the address in the explorer.


Thanks for the suggestion! I’ve actually synced using the Light Node, but I’m still not seeing anything ans didnt Do any transactions. Interestingly, when I check Nervos Explorer with my address, I can see the staked CKB tokens there.

i’m glad you can see the coins on explorer, try clearing the cache in help->settings

I synced it and cleared the cache, but nothing shows

Back then, I noted the wallet adress that I verified in the Nervos Explorer . I can see there are transactions.

However, when I log into with my seed phrase on the Neuron Wallet, syncing it and try to locate the first transaction, I notice that the address is different and there are no transactions.

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Btw : Is it normal that i get another adress (other than the one that im supposed to see on explorer) when putting my seed phrase into Neuron ?
Kind regards

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Yeah this is normal, Neuron generates a new receiving address each time, but you can still continue to use any of your old addresses as well.

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If you are still having issue with your account, you should go to the Magickbase Discord and ask for support there, they will help you look into it.


Thanks! I’m looking forward to it

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