Need help finding my CKB back!


I had a problem with the CKB locked for which I could not see any wallet.

I quickly read the Nervos information and I thought I’d solved my problem of locked but inaccessible CKB by doing “Settings => Clear Cache => Fully Rebuild Index”.

Since then, I’ve had nothing displayed, no more CKB in DAO, in short, I feel like I’ve done something stupid!

Is there any way of recovering the CKB that were in my wallet?

Was it successful in rebuilding the index? It sounds like something may have gone wrong I’m sure your coins are safe as long as you have the seed words

Hi Matt,

I cleared the cache twice and finally the CKB amount is back !!

But the locked amount is different from what it was indicated before, divided by 2 !
Maybe there were a bug before.

Thanks for your support !

You can always refer to the explorer for reference