My CKB is missing in Bitpie

Hello I had not logged in to Bitpie for some time. I logged in to see that my CKB is no longer there I believe it is in the pie bank section but I am not able to access it. Can someone help? Thanks

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Could you please try to contact with Bitpie for more support?

Is it the same case that missing CKB due to their changing address?
If so,I think the asset is still safe, you could open it and find your money there with the original address logging in.
Here is a simple post to talk about how to get your asset back in Chinese.(My pleasure to translate it if need)

After a painstaking search in the app for many days, I was able to resolve the problem of my CKB not showing in the Bitpie wallet. They were hiding in the old Ckb wallet address. They were not showing up because my wallet had been migrated to the new wallet address. I solved the problem by going to ‘Address Upgrade’, clicked ‘Asset Transfer’ in the top right of the screen and there was my CKB resting in the old address. Clicked ok and transferred it to the new address. I counted it lost but now, I am very happy with the gains I have made so far. Hopefully, this will help someone

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Thanks for sharing your experiences. CKB community would be better and stronger with your contribution!