MusicMoon Empowering Artists:
A music web3 platform combines music and instrument NFTs with a DAO to create a supportive ecosystem where artists retain rights, earn royalties, and connect with fans.

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Team and Background


Previous Projects:

  • LiveLoop: A software for live music performance with over 2,000 active users.
  • MusicMoon: A decentralized platform for creating, distributing, and monetizing music via NFTs.

Why We Are the Right Team
Our team combines extensive experience in blockchain technology, music industry, and marketing. Josep Garcés and K Gunjan were part of the Polkadot Blockchain Academy, bringing in-depth knowledge and innovative solutions to the project.

Project and Justification

Valuable Addition to Nervos Ecosystem
MusicMoon aims to enhance the Nervos ecosystem by introducing a decentralized music platform that leverages the unique capabilities of Nervos CKB. By integrating music NFTs and community governance, MusicMoon will attract artists and fans, driving user engagement and ecosystem growth.

High-Level Technical Specification and Implementation

Implementation on Nervos CKB

  1. NFT Minting and Marketplace:

    • Utilizing the Nervos CKB Programming Model:
      • We will create and manage music NFTs using the Nervos Common Knowledge Base (CKB), which offers a highly secure and scalable environment for blockchain applications. This involves designing and deploying smart contracts that handle the creation, ownership, and transfer of NFTs.
      • Token Standard Compliance: Implementing ERC-721 or a modified version suitable for Nervos to ensure interoperability and seamless integration with existing tools and wallets.
  2. Smart Contracts:

    • Deployment on CKB:
      • Smart contracts will be developed using the CKB-VM, a RISC-V-based virtual machine that allows for efficient execution of smart contracts.
      • These contracts will handle key functionalities like minting new NFTs, transferring ownership, and distributing royalties to artists whenever their music NFTs are sold or resold.
      • Royalty Management: A smart contract will be designed to automatically distribute royalties to artists, ensuring they receive a percentage of the revenue from secondary sales, promoting ongoing revenue generation for creators.
  3. Interoperability:

    • Cross-Chain Capabilities:
      • Leveraging Nervos’ cross-chain solutions, such as the Force Bridge, to enable interoperability with other blockchains. This will allow MusicMoon NFTs to be accessible and tradable across multiple blockchain networks, increasing the liquidity and reach of the platform.
      • Multi-Chain NFT Support: Ensuring that NFTs minted on Nervos can be seamlessly transferred and traded on other blockchains, enhancing the utility and market for the NFTs.

Technical Components

  • CKB-VM:

    • Smart Contract Execution:
      • The CKB-VM will be used to execute NFT-related smart contracts. This VM is optimized for performance and security, ensuring that our contracts run efficiently and safely on the Nervos network.
      • Custom Pallets: Developing custom pallets tailored to the needs of the MusicMoon platform, enabling specific features and functionalities required for a music-focused NFT marketplace.
  • IPFS Integration:

    • Secure Storage:
      • Music files, cover art, and other media assets associated with NFTs will be stored on the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS). This decentralized storage solution ensures the security, immutability, and accessibility of media files, while reducing the storage burden on the blockchain.
      • Metadata Management: NFT metadata will also be stored on IPFS, ensuring that all information related to each NFT is secure and can be easily retrieved by users and applications.
  • CKB Indexer:

    • Data Indexing and Querying:
      • The CKB Indexer will be employed to efficiently index and query blockchain data. This tool will enable quick access to information about NFTs, transactions, and user activities, improving the responsiveness and usability of the MusicMoon platform.
      • Enhanced User Experience: By providing fast and reliable data retrieval, the CKB Indexer will enhance the overall user experience, making it easier for users to find and interact with NFTs on the platform.

Timeline and Project Duration

3 Months Total Duration

  • Month 1: Initial Development and Testnet Deployment
    • Setup development environment.
    • Create and test NFT minting and marketplace features.
  • Month 2: Mainnet Deployment
    • Deploy the platform on the Nervos mainnet.
    • Conduct thorough testing and debugging.
  • Month 3: User Acquisition and Marketing Campaign
    • Launch marketing campaigns to attract users.
    • Implement community growth strategies and monitor user engagement.

Sustainability Beyond Initial Funding

  1. NFT Transaction Fees: Implementing a π% (3.141592%) fee on all NFT transactions.
  2. LiveLoop Integration: Leveraging existing user base for cross-promotion.
  3. Brand NFTs: Launching branded NFTs for additional revenue.
  4. Token Launch: Partnering with Polimec for a token launch in October 2024.
  5. Community Growth: Utilizing platforms like Discord, Music Tech Association, and hosting music contests.
  6. TDeFi Incubator: Leveraging connections and expertise from the TDeFi incubator program and DMCC.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you!
“Build your Community & Earn our Royalties”

Josep Garcès,
Founder & CEO
[email protected]