Money does not appear in the wallet?

I sent money to my wallet,

There’s no money in the wallet.
wallet also have problem
Lİnux mint : wallet 0.26.3

money on account

Your account have 110 CKB, you can check it on the explorer of CKB.

Neuron is a full node wallet, it takes time to download and read those data. So you may need wait for about 1-2 hours before your balance appear.

So all Blocks are lowered.
Sorry, no money.

There is a problem with the wallet.

There is a status indicator on the bottom left, and the status text shown is “syncing”, which means your wallet still downloading data from other peers in the network, you might want to do nothing, just make yourself a cup of coffee, and things going to get right soon :slight_smile:

I hope
100% says

ok problem solved.
money came in the wallet