Meta topic: Community productivity

Nervos is open, public, permissionless infrastructure available to the world, regardless of nation, ethnicity and or creed. Nervos spawned from solving a tragedy of the commons in blockchain design by binding state and creating common knowledge as a scarce resource. This common resource is something we all abide by when interacting with and participating in Nervos Network.

I think there’s similarities between the commons in blockchain and here; I say that because we all have a common interest in Nervos succeeding and this forum generating productive conversation. Conversation has veered into non-productivity at times, and I am guilty of this as well. But it’s our common interest to keep each other accounted for in this regard. We can only try harder to hear each other out. And I think most if not all want productivity to take place, becasue non-productivity is inefficient and not in the interest of nervos or the social commons we have constructed here. I hope this is helpful.

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