Ledger Nano S doesn't synchronize with Neuron Wallet

Hi guys,

Definitely need some help! I’ve readed many tutos but it didn’t help me! Basically, my ledger is fully updated but the synchronisation with neuron wallet didn’t start at all…

Connecting to Neuron

  1. Connect your Ledger device to the computer, and unlock it.

  2. Open the Nervos App on your Ledger device.

  3. Ledger device will display “Application is ready”.

  4. Open the Neuron application.

  5. Click the “Wallet => Import Wallet => Import Hardware Wallet” on the top menu bar.

  6. Select your Ledger device model and confirm.

Step 3 never appeared on my ledger…

I don’t want let my ckb on binance, if you have other recommandations, it will be really appreciated!

Thanks in advance

Here is a tutorial:

and the video tutorial is: https://youtu.be/ICSQq7BYgGA

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