Is there more details about exec, especially the time cost of the call between dynamic loading and exec?

  1. Is there some chart/table to compare the performance (especially the time cost of the call) between dynamic loading and exec?
  2. Is there some more intuitive description about Fixed 500 cycles? e.g. 500 cycles can cover how much size of a contract (in CKB)?
  3. The docs of exec is very poor.
    a. The most detailed docs is rfcs/ at master · nervosnetwork/rfcs (
    b. The official docs is still dynamic loading, and has nothing about exec
  1. The difference in performance is negligible.
  2. When a script starts a system call, it will consume 500 cycles and exec is a system call. This consumption is independent.
  3. We are updating the documentation, you can read a draft here.
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