Is there any way to get rid of dark forest on CKB?

Dark forest or precisely ppl call it “Front running” happens on every place that hackers or their bots could successfully arbitrage, especially on DeFi.
Almost every hacker on DeFi is watching the meme pool 7/24.
Giving any judgment is my goal to write this post, but obviously, it has already led some retailers to feel bad when using DeFi products.
In short term, no one could earn more than bots.
Happily, we have figured out that there are some solutions on Ethereum over time, take a quick example,Taichi Network which provides the private tx powered by Sparkpool.
Having no clue about that if private tx is an ultimate solution for the front running or not.
Still curious about your team’s thoughts about such problems?


been giving some thought to this and am wondering in what situations the cell model mitigates dark forest issues, the famous Dan Robinson one I think is not possible because contracts don’t hold funds on CKB

Can you provide some examples of dark forest cases and people can try to address?

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No problem!
The most famous tragedy dark forest led to is the Lien Exploit,which hackers detect the meme pool to monitor the tx which deserves to do the front running attack. Things must be more dangerous if there are some bugs in the smart contract.
Sometimes such kinds of behaviors happen with Flash Loan, in terms of being not necessary to pay any cost to execute the attack except the gas fee.

So far, such kinds of bots are active on Ethereum Network 7/24. That’s why I worry about the future attack on CKB.
Happily in these several days, it seems there are some solutions here :
1 . Private tx: send tx to the mining pool directly instead of the meme pool. And Taichi Network do an amazing job! Of course, it means that you believe the dear miners from the mining pools would never be evil.
2. the other solution is using zkp to avoid the data revealed, but it would consume numerous computation resources.

"After tracing the usage of this function, I discovered that it would be trivial for anyone to mint tokens to themselves for free, but then burn them in exchange for all of the Ether in the contract. "

On CKB, funds would not be held by the contract, but held by user keys (lock script) and governed by logic (type script)

It’s unclear how flash loans would work on CKB, maybe they are possible. In any event to take another user’s funds that user would have to sign the transaction that moves the funds.

it’s possible to design things where a “contract” (or set of conditions) would control funds but it has seemed like a bit of an anti-pattern on CKB thus far