Is it about time to cook up the governance platform on CKB?

Hey guys, how’s your life treating you?
As a spectacular, so excited to find a smart contract platform outside the CMC ranking top 100 but still solid and well-planned for your schedule.
As a result,I start to have some quick investigation for your ecosystems and just realize that there is still an essential infrastructure that still being lack on Nervos but I guess it could be implemented soon.
Such a website is good to have a bird view of the ecosystem, respect!

The answer is a governance platform like Snapshot.
DeFi grow up very rapidly not just due to the emergence of some base logo like Uniswap and Aave nudging ,but also the community governance tool.
In the Snapshot,every project on ETH can build a space for the governance stuff.
The community could create the issue to vote, including the affair for their business like voting for adding the specific collateral asset for lending protocol, voting for reward some dedicated community member and collaborate with some potential candidate projects.
Here the proposal creator is able to set the qualification e.g. voters should be token holders or protocol participants like xSushi.
The implementation is easy to leverage the web3 asset to read the wallet and check who is eligible for voting. Besides serious topics like collaboration and LM reward distribution, something like MEME competition voting also works on the snapshot. Be free to check the example below.

Why I proposed this on CKB? One reason is that I have been aware of your infrastructure like pw-core could support Nervos to access the web and complete the offline voting.(For CKB, it could be on-chain voting due to lower tx cost )
However,if you are not the pw-core wallet user,it could not be detected your footprint on CKB.
E.g. Today you use Neuron to stake in NervosDao,and then the pw-core web3 is nowhere to know that unless it allows users to import the account from other wallets.
Joining the governance and earning the airdrop has become a culture on DeFi ecosystem.However,it is also a good start to community governance.

Here is the repo of snapshot,be free to look around.

Of course, such governance pages built by DeFi project themselves individually like compoundUniswap or Maker are all good cases.
But I prefer snapshots which could help every project to build its own governance platform.
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