Is Huobi Chain a fork?

Will Huobi Chain have to use CKB to store state or is it a whole separate blockchain? If it is a whole separate bloackchain then exactly how does it add value to CKB, if any?

Thank you.

Huobi Chain runs on Muta, a layer 2 blockchain framework developed by Nervos core devs.

It is a separate chain. Because it is built on Muta, it will easily be interoperable with CKB and other blockchains built on Muta, however no plans to integrate or store state on CKB have been announced so far.

Muta is an important division of Nervos Network. It uses CKB as the value and security anchor to extend user scenarios and scalability.

As for Huobi Chain, it is a separate chain and easy to interoperable with Nervos Network, which would benefit Nervos and CKByte.