Introducing CKLabs

Hello everyone! We are very excited to introduce to you CKLabs.

Following the successful launch of the Grants Program, we are taking the next steps toward building a more vibrant Nervos ecosystem.

CKLabs is the first initiative designed to support passionate teams working on user-centric projects on Nervos.

Nervos was designed to be a sustainable network capable of supporting a growing digital economy. It offers blockchain developers exciting new capabilities, and its potential is unmatched in the industry. The CKLabs program will provide the tools and support to fully utilise all that Nervos has to offer.

CKLabs is a structured 4 month program focused on three core pillars— funding, support and networking.

Teams will receive up to $100k in initial funding. These funds are designed to cover your development and GTM expenses over the course of the program.

Nervos celebrates diverse ideas that foster growth. We will provide dedicated cross-functional support to help you succeed.

We know we’re only as strong as the support behind us. Our network includes some of the top investors in the industry, and we can help connect you.

CKLabs is a great fit for both existing projects that also want to build on Nervos and new projects that have an MVP. All projects are welcomed to apply; use cases include DeFi, gaming, oracles, social, storage, and everything in between.

Nervos is a cohesive community that embraces the contributions of every member. It would be great if you already have some level of awareness or involvement with the Nervos ecosystem (grants, hackathons, tutorials etc)

Each CKLabs application will be reviewed by our team. Applications that pass the initial review stage will begin the acceptance process, which includes interviews and further review.

Ready to build on Nervos? Submit an application to get started.


Welcome to the team @Ben_Morris so glad that you will be leading CKLabs!