[IDEA] JOYID Competition - Marketing Campaign

I’m editing this post to add a message from Cipher when I asked him to have a look at the thread and give his opinion.

He has a point about the large prizes attracting bot, which is understandable. So even if this did get enough support, it’s not something that would go ahead. I’m also very confident the Joyid team has a good plan marketing plan ahead, this was just something I thought the community DAO could help with.

But I will leave the thread up as I think something along the lines of a competition like this could be useful for something else in the future.

Hello everyone, I would like to put forward an idea that I came up with only yesterday, so it might be a bit rough around the edges. :grinning:

There’s been some posts lately about community members putting forward ideas to the DAO even if they may not have the ability to carry out the project themselves.

So even if this particular project goes no further, hopefully it will encourage other community members to come forward with their own ideas for the DAO to discuss.

I think there is a great opportunity in the DAO for a system where two groups of people can come together. Those with the ideas and then the people with the skills and ability to actually carry out those ideas.

I more than welcome everyone to give their honest thoughts on this, good or bad and to put forward any ideas you may have for improvements.

Please remember that this is only an idea for discussion, it is not a proposal, I am not asking for any funding. In fact, even if a form of this idea went forward, I would want no part in the handling of any funds or the running of this project, but I would be more than happy to help in any way I could.

This part would need to be taken over by some trusted and capable people. Along with the cost of the Prize Pool which I have detailed below, there would also be an extra amount added to the funding request to pay for this group of people to carry out the work.

Of course, there would also need to be a community wide effort to promote the competition in any way they could.


As we are all aware, the Joyid wallet will be launching at some point in the near future.

This is a huge milestone in CKB’s development as it will be the only REAL decentralised, non-custodial, biometric passkey wallet on the market. This is made possible by CKB’s native account abstraction features that are not available on any other chain.

While you would think this alone should be enough to generate visibility and excitement in the wider crypto community, we have to be open to the fact that this may not be the case straight away.

There are other Passkey wallets in development and gaining wider attention, even though they all use far inferior methods as workarounds to doing what Joyid can do natively and securely.

This means that Joyid may not have an easy time marketing itself to users outside the existing CKB community.

I believe that it is extremely important for CKB as a project, including for all of us as holders and community members, that Joyid gets out of the blocks quickly and starts to gain attention immediately.

It is for this reason that I am submitting this as an idea for discussion.


The basic idea is for a raffle type competition to encourage as many people as possible to try out the Joyid wallet. But along with this primary goal, there is also the added bonus of introducing these same people to D.ID (.bit) and the CKB ecosystem in general.

To gain entries to the raffle, 2 requirements must be met, which while both are very easy, they also involve a small amount of work and a fee (approx $3 USD).

Although, having both a fee and an amount of work involved to be eligible to enter may limit the total amount of entries, it also helps against spam/Sybil attacks and means there will be a higher quality of entrant and not just the usual horde of airdrop hunters.

(For those that aren’t aware of the term, a Sybil attack in this situation refers to where one person will use multiple different accounts to generate many entries to the competition. While we can’t stop this happening, having an ‘entry fee’ will help prevent this happening on a large scale.)

There is also a referral system to encourage influencers to motivate their communities to take part, which will be a very important part of the competition.


While I am sure that many people are about to be shocked at the value of the prizes I am proposing, I think the saying “GO HARD OR GO HOME” fits this scenario perfectly :grinning:

We need this to immediately break out of the CKB bubble and reach ALL of crypto, no matter what chain people use or what community they are involved in.

It is for this reason that I am proposing the following pool of prizes.

First Place = 1 Bitcoin

Second Place = 1 x high profile NFT of $5000 approx value

Third Place = 1 x high profile NFT of $3000 approx value

Referral prize = Alt coins of equivalent value to the total funds raised from 2ND Level DID minting through the competition’s own .bit account. (This prize has no cost to the DAO, but could be of significant value.)

The total prize pool, not including the Referral prize, comes to an approximate value of $36,000 USD (13 Million CKB)

The breakdown of different prizes (BTC, Alt Coins, NFTs) in the pool reaches all corners of Crypto and it’s communities.

(Also, as this is a marketing campaign that benefits multiple parties, there would also be an option for Joyid, D.ID and Nervos to add to the prize pool if they wished.)


Requirement #1

Create a full featured Joyid account.

A full feature JoyID account is as described here by Cipher

This means there is a small cost of $1 which will give the new user the full experience of the wallet.

Requirement #2

Mint a 2ND Level DID under either the competition’s own .bit account (for example) tryjoyid.bit OR a Referral (.bit) account. (Referral system described below)

Second level DIDs minted under tryjoyid.bit and all referral accounts must be set to a cost of $2, this means there is a standard entry fee across the board. This fee will generate approximately $1.50 profit per entrant.

The address generated through Joyid, would then need to be set as the Alias for the .bit account.

The Referral System

The referral system is designed to encourage influencers to compete to get as many 2ND level DIDs minted under their own Top Level DID as possible. This will generate them entries into the Referral Draw which is only open to Referrers.

It also generates the referrer a direct reward as they receive 100% of the profits from the 2ND Level DIDs minted under their account.

Further to this, it quickly helps them build their own community inside the D.ID system and be able to take advantage of all the community building features D.ID is creating.

While the referral system is aimed at influencers, anyone is welcome to become a referrer and try and win the prize/s. Some people may choose to go through the process just to refer themselves and give them a chance at this extra prize.

Entrants are also not required to use a referrer account to mint their 2ND Level DID, they can use the competition account, tryjoyid.bit to submit their entry. (The competition account will not be eligible to win any prizes.)

100% of profits from 2ND Level DIDs minted through tryjoyid.bit will go to the Referral Draw Prize Pool and will be awarded to either 1 or more winners. This prize could either be completely in ETH or multiple different well known alt coins such as AVAX, SOL, BNB etc.

100% of profits from 2ND Level DIDs minted through the Referrer’s own Top Level DID will go to the Referrer directly.

Each 2ND Level DID minted under a Referrer account will give the owner of that account an entry to the Referrer Draw.


I am not entirely sure how this part of the system will work. I think we would need Cipher and /or someone from D.ID to advise on how to collect this data and even if it is possible to confirm that each entry is eligible.

My basic thought was that data on all 2ND Level DID accounts would be gathered and numbered separately in a spreadsheet. This spreadsheet would be made public before the draw and then there would be on-chain random numbers drawn (possibly through Chainlink VRF).

When each number is drawn and linked with a winning account, this account would be checked to see if they have the Joyid address as the Alias.

The Referral Draw Prizes would be determined from the winners of the main draw, through it’s link to the Top Level DID.


Anyway, that is basically the idea, if you made it this far, thanks for taking the time to read it properly. Please put forward any comments or idea you may have.

I hope this Deepl translation is reasonably accurate, if anyone thinks it needs editing please let me know.

大家好,我想提出一个我的想法 昨天才想到,所以可能有点粗糙。 :grinning:

最近有一些关于社区成员向 DAO 提出想法的帖子,即使他们自己可能没有能力实施这个项目。

因此,即使这个项目没有进展,也希望它能鼓励其他社区成员提出自己的想法,供 DAO 讨论。

我认为,DAO 是一个很好的机会,可以让两类人聚集在一起。 一类是有想法的人,另一类是有技能和能力来真正实现这些想法的人。


请记住,这只是一个供讨论的想法,不是一个提案,我也不要求任何资助。 事实上,即使这个想法以某种形式付诸实施,我也不想参与任何资金的处理或项目的运作,但我非常乐意提供力所能及的帮助。

这部分工作需要由一些值得信赖的能人接手。 除了我在下文详述的奖池费用外,还需要在资金申请中增加一笔额外的费用,用于支付这群人开展工作的费用。



众所周知,Joyid 钱包将在不久的将来推出。

这是 CKB 发展史上的一个巨大里程碑,因为它将成为市场上唯一一款真正的去中心化、非托管、生物识别密钥钱包。 这得益于 CKB 的原生账户抽象功能,这是其他任何链都不具备的。


还有其他一些 Passkey 钱包正在开发中,并获得了更广泛的关注,尽管它们都使用了远不如 Joyid 的变通方法,但它们都能安全地实现 Joyid 的功能。

这意味着,Joyid 在向现有 CKB 社区以外的用户推销自己时可能并不容易。

我相信,对于 CKB 这个项目来说,包括作为持有者和社区成员的我们所有人来说,Joyid 能够迅速走出困境并立即赢得关注是极其重要的。



我们的基本想法是通过抽奖式的比赛鼓励尽可能多的人试用 Joyid 钱包。 但在实现这一主要目标的同时,还可以向这些人介绍 D.ID (.bit) 生态系统。

要获得抽奖机会,必须满足两个要求,虽然这两个要求都非常简单,但也涉及少量工作和费用(约 3 美元)。

虽然收费和少量工作可能会在一定程度上限制参与抽奖的总人数,但这也有助于防止垃圾邮件/Sybil 攻击,并意味着参与者的质量会更高,而不仅仅是通常的大批空投猎人。

(对于那些不了解这个术语的人来说,这种情况下的 Sybil 攻击指的是一个人使用多个不同的账户生成许多参赛作品。 虽然我们无法阻止这种情况的发生,但收取 "参赛费 "将有助于防止这种情况的大规模发生)。



我相信很多人都会对我提出的奖品价值感到震惊,但我认为 "要么努力,要么滚蛋 "这句话非常适合这种情况。 :grinning:

我们需要立即打破 CKB 泡沫,让所有加密货币都参与进来,无论人们使用的是哪条链,参与的是哪个社区。


第一名 = 1 个比特币
第二名 = 1 x 价值约 5000 美元的高知名度 NFT
第三名 = 1 x 价值约为 3000 美元的高端 NFT
推荐奖 = 通过比赛自己的 .bit 账户从第 2 级 DID 造币筹集的总资金等值的 Alt 币。 (该奖项对 DAO 没有任何成本,但可能价值不菲)。

总奖金池(不包括推荐奖)价值约为 36,000 美元(1300 万 CKB

奖池中不同奖品(BTC、Alt 币、NFT)的细分覆盖了加密货币及其社区的各个角落。

(由于这是一项惠及多方的营销活动,因此 Joyid、D.ID 和 Nervos 也可以根据自己的意愿加入奖池)。


要求 #1

创建一个全功能的 Joyid 账户。

完整功能的 JoyID 帐户由 Cipher 在此描述

这意味着只需支付 1 美元的小额费用,新用户就能获得钱包的完整体验。

要求 #2

在竞争者自己的 .bit 帐户(例如)tryjoyid.bit 或推荐 (.bit) 帐户下铸币一个二级 DID。 (推荐账户描述如下)

在 tryjoyid.bit 和所有推荐账户下生成的二级 DID 必须设置为费用为 2 美元,这意味着所有参赛者都需要支付标准参赛费。 这笔费用将为每位参赛者带来约 1.50 美元的利润。

然后需要将通过 Joyid 生成的地址设置为 .bit 账户的别名。


推荐系统旨在鼓励有影响力的人参与竞争,尽可能多地在自己的顶级 DID 下创建二级 DID。 这将使他们参加只对推荐人开放的推荐抽奖。

这也会给推荐人带来直接奖励,因为他们可以从其账户下的 2ND 级别 DIDs 中获得 100% 的利润。

此外,它还能迅速帮助他们在 D.ID 系统内建立自己的社区,并能够利用 D.ID 正在创建的所有社区建设功能。

虽然推荐系统针对的是有影响力的人,但也欢迎任何人成为推荐人并尝试赢得奖品。 有些人可能只是为了推荐自己,让自己有机会获得额外的奖品,而选择通过此流程。

参赛者也不需要使用推荐人账户来提交他们的 2ND 级别 DID,他们可以使用比赛账户 tryjoyid.bit 来提交他们的参赛作品。(比赛账户将没有资格赢得任何奖品)。

通过 tryjoyid.bit 生成的 2ND 级别 DID 的 100% 利润将进入推荐抽奖奖池,并颁发给 1 名或多名获奖者。 奖品可以完全是以太币,也可以是多种不同的知名替代币,如 AVAX、SOL、BNB 等。

通过推荐人自己的顶级 DID 铸造的二级 DID 的 100% 利润将直接归推荐人所有。

在推荐人账户下铸造的每个二级 DID 都将为该账户所有者带来一次参加推荐人抽奖的机会。


我不完全确定这部分系统将如何运作。 我认为我们需要Cipher和/或D.ID的人提供建议,说明是否有可能确认每个参赛者都有资格参加抽奖,以及如何做到这一点。

我的基本想法是收集所有二级 DID 帐户的数据,并在电子表格中分别编号。 该电子表格将在抽奖前公布,然后在链上随机抽取号码(可能通过 Chainlink VRF)。

当每个号码被抽出并与中奖账户链接时,将检查该账户是否拥有作为别名的 Joyid 地址。

推荐抽奖的奖品将通过与顶级 DID 的链接,从主抽奖的获奖者中确定。


总之,这就是我们的基本构想,如果您能读到这里,感谢您花时间认真阅读。 如有任何意见或想法,欢迎提出。


Thank you for the excellent idea!

The idea of a raffle-type competition is great. We need to carefully design the game mechanics so that people can have FOMO and participate eagerly.

In some ways, Sub-account is similar to the recently popular SocialFi app ‘Friend Tech’.


Thanks Yixiu! Yes, there could be lots of tweaks to the game to get the best results. I’m open to everyone’s ideas to make it better.

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Interesting! :heart_eyes:
How about setting a prize to encourage people to invite more applications to integrate the JoyID?
(Is this too difficult?


This is a good idea and I believe it can attract attention to Nervos considering these apps are novel and brings out CKBs unique capabilities that no other chain possess. The gamification mechanics can be polished to create Fomo among competitors and if done right, we can have that much needed visibility to Nervos Network. I hope this noble idea materialise into something beneficial to the CKB community


Thanks for the reply @poppypoppypo

I’m sure we could add extra prizes for different things, but I think the prize pool may already be higher than a lot of people are comfortable with :grinning:

Dapp integrations are of course going to be very important though. Not sure if you saw the Joyid tweet a couple of days ago saying that they will be using Walletconnect to start with.


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Thanks mate, appreciate the reply!

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I edited the original post, but I will add this here as well in case it doesn’t get seen above.

This is a message from Cipher when I asked him to have a look at the thread and give his opinion.

He has a point about the large prizes attracting bot, which is understandable. So even if this did get enough support, it’s not something that would go ahead. I’m also very confident the Joyid team has a good plan marketing plan ahead, this was just something I thought the community DAO could help with.

But I will leave the thread up as I think something along the lines of a competition like this could be useful for something else in the future.

He has also said that if any community members that could possibly write articles on the differences between Joyid’s technology using CKB and the other options out their like MPC and 4337 wallets, that would be very helpful. So if anyone here has the ability to write about that, you could talk about that with Cipher in the Discord.


An excellent proposal, approaching problems from Nervos’ perspective and providing solutions. The best way for all proposers to collectively advance Nervos is to consider issues from Nervos’ standpoint, given that we’ve all, more or less, invested in CKB, and our goals are aligned. JoyId seems to be the only competitive product in the short term. We hope that your proposal can assist in the comprehensive promotion of JoyId, but we’re not aware of JoyId team’s marketing strategies. This proposal represents a ‘marketing activity’ plan and should be integrated into JoyId’s overarching marketing strategy. However, it appears that we, as outsiders, may not have access to the complete marketing plan of JoyId. This proposal might require the support of the JoyId team.


Thanks woodbury! Cipher definitely has a marketing plan, he mentions something about it in the screenshot I posted above.

I just brought this up as an idea for discussion on how the DAO could help, there’s was no way it would have been taken any further without Cipher’s blessing and involvement. He has asked that it not go any further now because he has concerns about offering valuable cash like prizes and this attracting bots etc, which is totally understandable.

But I think this idea in general could be used for something else in the future.

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Very great idea , deserves more suggestions to add to it and to implement it.

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great idea!

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Personally I prefer the idea of encouraging developers to add JoyId to their dapps.